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“Unravel the Dusk” by Elizabeth Lim. Reviewed by Solano County Teen, Quinn A.

UNRAVEL THE DUSK book review by Quinn A.

Book: Unravel the Dusk

Author: Elizabeth Lim

Reviewer: Quinn A., 9th Grade

Elizabeth Lim’s new sequel for The Blood of Stars duology series–Unravel the Dusk is both captivating and anticipating in various literary elements of emotional appeals, enticing magic, and forbidden glamor. Maia Tamarin continues her journey of the three beloved dresses of the universe–yet instead of fighting solely in the war, she struggles fighting herself, or rather–the demon pulsing within. Throughout rigidity events of the plot, and graceful terminology–Lim’s world building skills and political conflicts craft an amazing tapestry of love, death, hate, and eternity. If you’re a fan of books that sew in the strands of sentimental shifts and various genres, such as cultural representation, romance, adventure, and action–as well as complex conflicts, tailoring skills, and thrilling mythical creatures; this is definitely the book for you. Lim’s novels never fail to join creativity and venture, to represent the deep connections of family, and the fate of red strings; it’s a must-read for fans of tender-hearted content threaded into wholesome yet realistic endings.


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