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“Vial of Tears” by Cristin Bishara. Reviewed by Solano County Teen, Quinn

Solano County Library teen, Quinn, reviews "Vial of Tears"!

Book: Vial of Tears

Author: Cristin Bishara

Reviewer: Quinn, 9th Grade

When Sam becomes trapped in the middle eastern underworld from finding an intriguing coin that brews up a storm, it now becomes up to her to save her sister and reunite them with her mother on Earth. If you love highly creative, sweeping fantasy–with characters that don’t ever settle for less when it comes to family and loved ones, then Vial Of Tears is the novel for you! Cristin Bishara’s writing skills make a compelling read full of mysteries, horrors unseen, and emotional struggles. Throughout the literary work; Bishara proposes imaginative, original, and alluring obstacles–as well as a handful of unexpected plot twists. The characters she develops overtime make more compelling situations–especially shapeshifters, animal-like spirits, and even more wonders anonymous to the reader’s senses. Teens, especially fantasy and emotional plot enjoyers–would have to add this as a requirement to their reading-lists!


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