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“Doctor Dogs” by Maria Goodavage. Reviewed by Solano County Teen, Zara Jackson.

Book: Doctor Dogs

Author: Maria Goodavage

Reviewer: Zara Jackson, 10th Grade

In this book, the author writes about all the ways that different dogs can help people in the medical field. There are dogs like Jedi, who can detect high and low blood sugar levels, and dogs like Bud, who can alert to seizures. This book is very informative of the different types of dogs and how they help their owners and others. It goes into details about how the dogs are trained and why they are chosen, or how they even happened to train themselves.

The author of this book, Maria Goodavage, wanted to share her thoughts on “Doctor Dogs” in the new age of medicine. She went into attentive details about certain aspects of dogs, which was very informative. The only thing I would say is that this book is a little slow-paced, but that is because it is jam-packed with information. The settings and experiences in this book are greatly described. Teens who like medicine, dogs, or the future will love this book!

4/5 Stars

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