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The Suisun Marsh by Adrian Fisher – Winner of the 2023 Teen Writing Contest – Poetry

A huge thank you to all who took the time to enter the 2023 Solano County Library Teen Writing Contest!

We were honored to read your work, and encourage each of you to continue writing.

Please enjoy the winning entry below!


The Suisun Marsh by Adrian Fisher

Out in the tule,

Swimming in a bog,

A little duckling scrounging through the mud.

Looking for his mama

while having some fun.

Diving in the water,

Full of life,

He goes back up,

Gaping at the sun.

A Hawk is diving!

The Geese are aflare.

Now running for his life,

Only looking for his mom.

Past the Pickleweed!

Past the Frogs!

Past the Rabbit!

Past the Fronds!

Seeing his mother,

He dashes to and fro,

Trying to break the hawk’s devil glow.

His mother far away,

he dives into a stream.

Swimming underwater to her direction of plead.

He squeaks!

He cries!

He sees his mother’s eyes .

They lock together and she squalls alive!

She takes off,

At the hawk!

Screams a cry,

And the hawk is gone!

Together now,

The ducks alike,

Mother and son,

Together again.


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