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“Vassa in the Night” by Sarah Porter. Reviewed by Solano County Teen, Ethan Jackson.

Book: Vassa in the Night

Author: Sarah Porter

Reviewer: Ethan Jackson, 11th Grade

In this story, Vassa, the protagonist, lives in Brooklyn, a magical kingdom. In Vassa’s neighborhood, magic could be found from any place, but it’s a careful subject; where magic is found, you must tread lightly. The owner of a local store is very serious about magic and shoplifters, to the point where he beheads those who he thinks steal from his store, even if they didn’t. When Vassa is sent to his store to buy products for her sisters, she uses a little magic in the form of talking dolls to escape the dangers of the store.

The author of this story, Sarah Porter, had a vision and made it come to life with this book. I enjoyed the dark and grim aesthetic of this tale, but some parts are a little too fast paced and confusing. Some parts are left for the reader to interpret, which may or may not be to some teens’ interest. The main character, Vassa, is a little hypocritical, so be warned if you don’t like those traits. In conclusion, this book was a good mystery, and although it took some time to get into it, I would recommend it to anyone who likes dark fantasy

3/5 Stars

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