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Imagine a World by Mahkya Valentine – Winner of the 2023 Teen Writing Contest – Poetry

A huge thank you to all who took the time to enter the 2023 Solano County Library Teen Writing Contest!

We were honored to read your work, and encourage each of you to continue writing.

Please enjoy the winning entry below!


Imagine A World by Mahkya Valentine

Imagine a world where you could be who you truly are.

No purpose lost, no monotony in sight,

Days filled with joy, from morning to night.

No criticism based on appearance or race,

 No judgment on gender or weight to face.

Dress as you please, without a care,

Expressing yourself is bold and rare.

Imagine a world where happiness resides,

Where your passions and dreams coincide.

No worries about how you may appear,

Just doing what makes you happy.

Where you’re free to explore and simply be.

No need to conform or seek approval,

Imagine a world where acceptance thrives,

Where everyone’s true self survives.

Embracing differences is a blessing, not a curse.

So let your dreams of a world that’s open and fair,

Where you’re free to breathe the untainted air.

A world where individuality is celebrated,

And the beauty of authenticity is never underrated.

Imagine a world where freedom knows no ends.

No matter how short-lived it could be,

Where judgment falls flat.

Just Imagine a world like that.


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